Akumdong Humanity Fund is not-for-profit, charitable initiative.

During the course of the fund raising drive for late Akumdong (a brain cancer patient) Mr Rupin Sharma (IPS), Director General, Nagaland Police came up with the suggestion of initiating a corpus for similar such situations. He helped formulate a brief outline for such a corpus to be called the Akumdong Humanity Fund. Mr Rupin has also agreed to guide the fund in an advisory capacity.

Noticing and acknowledging the notable effort by samaritans and philanthropists and everyone else in wholeheartedly and generously contributing towards supporting Lt. Akumdong’s family to meet the medical expenses, a need was perceived for constituting a permanent corpus for such eventualities. The corpus would be available for assistance of individuals in dire need, who cannot himself overcome the problems.

The brief modalities of the corpus fund, its handling and working are proposed to be as follows:-

1. The corpus would be called Akumdong Humanity Fund in memory of the boy who brought us all together.
2. The corpus would have dedicated bank account associated with it.
3. Funds into the corpus can be deposited by anyone, either in cash or by cheque/draft or through online/electronic transfers.
4. The corpus would be managed by a committee selected by the public. The committee members shall not be entitled to any compensation or remuneration.
5. For cash collection, the committee members/public shall designate `collection counters’ or ‘Donation Counters’. Money shall be handed- over at collection centres or ‘Donation Counters’ and receipt obtained by contributors. Receipt shall be posted on social media/website by the contributors. The collection counters shall also deposit the money in the account and display details on social media/website for transparency purpose.
6. Beneficiaries shall be decided by the committee in consultation with public;
7. To apply for the assistance, the applicant shall have to produce the relevant documents as required by the committee in each case.
8. All disbursals of assistance shall be done ONLY electronically with receipts to maintain transparency. Quantum of assistance shall be decided on a case to case basis.

As a beginning, assistance shall be limited only to the following categories:-

1) Persons below 20 years of age from poor/underprivileged background/meagre income family etc suffering from debilitating diseases which require expenditures on a higher side.

2) Cases where transportation of dead body is required to be undertaken and there is no other arrangement. However, in such cases, the expenses will be limited to Rs.20,000/- only.

3) In cases of natural disasters or accidents where immediate relief has to be provided.

Formation of a Society/ Trust (Meeting on May 3, 2017 at Dimapur)

First meeting held at Police officer’s mess, Chumukedima, Dimapur

To carry the process forward, it was decided that a Society/Trust in the nature of a not for profit, charitable organisation would be the most appropriate vehicle for the purpose. Therefore, a society would be registered for the purpose. The society/trust would have a separate bank account and an executive board for smooth functioning.
All right thinking and generous members are duly acknowledged to be members as are all prospective contributors to the fund, by default. However, a first step, a minimum of eight members are required for registration of the society. Therefore after initial consultations the following names for an executive body are proposed:

1. Rupin Sharma IPS – Patron cum Advisor
2. Dr Yan Murry – Chairman
3. Azungla Imsong – V. Chairman
4. Dr. I. Sentimoa – Secretary, Finance (Family representative of Lt. Akumdong)
5. Hongba Phom – Secretary, Admin. & Media
6. P.K Jain – Executive member
7. NK Krocha – Executive member (TNB representative)
8. Chandu Agarwal – Executive member
9. To be nominated
10. To be nominated